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Jul 21, 2011 11:00pm PDT
, archism appealed to him. he went to a speech given by emmitt goldman in 1901, may 1901, where he was very impressed. he said that her words made his skull hurt he was so taken by what she said. >> jon: although, to be fair, his skull probably hurt beforehand because he was a little bit of a knuckle head. >> he was a bit of a loaner. >> jon: i was struck by it was one of those situations, usually even in these situations, an assassin, they go to the family. everybody who is family is like, yeah, we never liked that guy. his step dad and sister are like, yeah, that guy was nuts. i knew something bad was going to happen here. >> it was very sad when the newspaper reporters descended on the family. his stepmother in particular was like, we knew he was no good. >> jon: yeah. >> the only thing that surprised him was that he had enough ambition and energy to do something like this. >> she said, that can't be him, he's kind of a coward. >> exactly. >> jon: it was crazy. the themes, you know, we always try and look back. i always like to in modern times we get this sense that we're on the precipic
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Jul 22, 2011 6:50pm PDT
that there was less freedom of speech, but in many ways it was more. emmitt goldman who he sites, he basically said, "i killed mckinley because emmitt goldman." think of how we are in this society, yet she still continued to give speeches. >> it was a very fine line that emmitt goldman walked between disavowing violence and then she also occasionally would show compassion for anarchists who had murdered somebody. it's very difficult. she was very famous around the country for giving speeches. she was often arrested. she kept a book with her because she spent so many nights in jail so she'd have something to do. police would take her out of jail in the morning and send her on to the next town. get out of our hair. >> were they word searches? jumbles? just reading and that sort of thing? >> yeah. >> jon: is mckinley's legacy, would you say, the fact that his economy ushered us into the industrial age or that his warring ushered us into the imperial age? what would you say? >> i would think that the latter. for the first time, up until him, up until mckinley, the u.s. had been very much focused on set
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)